The immense pain, obtained purely from choice alone. Heavy are the feelings, I cannot outrun. Eating me from the inside, they gnaw at my being. Every ounce of matter composing my lifeform vibrating at unimaginable frequencies knows this. Escape is just a step away, but alas the will is stronger. I am not alone in my struggles; billions of entities roam in equal amounts or worse suffering, too scared to say goodbye, or just don’t consider such a solution. One must ask is it forever? Question the pain of the experience. Will it heal? Like the choices made to reach the now, it can be perceived in many ways. Does the darkness beckon you? Is it darkness? Or merely an illusion perceived by the receiver. Messages come in varying forms, how they’re interpreted is up to the observer. Remain oblivious to the messages, for they expose varying degrees of substance. Leave the body and observe the mind, control is denied to those in their delusions. Stop and take note of what’s around you, it can mean more than it lets on. Are we doing anything at all in this giant soup goop? Atoms mish and mash to reach some conclusion. The hive mind responds in a multitude of ways, no change in what has already been, just further straying from a path of simplicity. Introduction of complex situations overwhelm the present participants, leaving a shrouding blanket of disengagement in the true structures of each particle. It was never meant to be like this, but this is where we are. The concept of freedom is a lie, as we’re all owned by the system. The system eats us until we rot. We are the putrid pus of the worlds open sores. Even if you have it all, it’s never enough. Falling from a great height leaves a deep impact, though everything and everyone is replaceable. Life equals madness and madness is bliss. Extinguish all that you know and fall into the void of society, we are all madly flailing about forcing purpose into our existence.